Marlindale Farm Bluefaced Leicesters
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All our sheep have been covered; 
our fleeces have very minimal VM. All fleeces have wonderful luster, crimp and length of lock is without pulling the crimp out- see the picture on this page. 

 All prices include shipping.
Marlindale Farm Products
This is how we measure length of staple.
SOLD Here is the 1st 2023 fleece. Henley's fleece has a 6" length, gorgeous luster and crimp. The skirted fleece weighs 2.93 lbs. 
The cost (includes shipping) is $146. 


I have been selling my fleeces on a couple of different Facebook groups and have not had a chance to load them to this website. As of 3/35/23, there are only 4 fleeces left (which I still have not skirted). If you want a fleece this year, please contact me  ASAP, so I don't publish them on these groups - or watch these groups for the fleeces:
Raw Wool For Sale
Raw Fastidious Fleece for the Fussy
Fine Fleeces
Fiber and Fleece for Sale